Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hiscores and more!!!

It's been almost a week since my last post, and with good reason. Life got hectic pretty quick around here, and after a misunderstanding between my client and I, things are getting back on track and starting to feel routine again.

Anyway, in-so-far as new features for the game, there are a few. First off, I fixed a few bugs with the player controls, and added a small score label that appears when you complete a chain that shows the score being added. Next, I setup my webserver with scripts for posting user high scores. The system uses a salted hash to post score data to a url on the site, and if the hash checks out, then the high score is added to the database with the users account tied to it (more on this later). The server then sends back data on whether the score is a new high score for that user or not, and the client reacts respectively. This system, with some added work, should allow me to do just about anything I want with the high score system, but what's important for me right now is that the encryption is in place with some very easy-to-use functions I've created.

The video below showcases gameplay as it stands now. I know, I know, the graphics need a lot of work, and that's putting it mildly. They will come in time, but for now the foundation for the game programming needs to be laid, otherwise this game won't have a leg to stand on.

The next that will be added is user registration and logins. The game will allow players to play as a guest account, but they will need to register a username and password with the system in order to post to the high scores table. This provides potential customers with the option to quickly try out the game, and then if they decide they enjoy the game, they can register an account to partake in the high scores. I have plans to do weekly and monthly high scores, and possible even some in-game achievements for making the high scores list. Registrations then become a way for me to monitor whether first-time-players are enjoying the game or not... if I can convert a fair portion of guest users to registered members then I'll be a happy dev. Coming soon: user registrations, logins, and combos!

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