Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Start The Countdown

I have decided to take a break from the VERY large Unity3d + SmartFox Server project I've been working on in order to get some app publishing (and completion) under my belt. My goal is to create a full game, from start to finish, in 30 days time, single-handedly. I will be blogging as I go, and am going to try and dedicate at least 2 hours a day to this project.

The concept I have settled on takes place on a farm. A tornado has hit, and unfortunately your farm animals are all caught in an endless orbit around the funnel. Using your rope, you must tie farms animals of the same species together in order to weight them down enough for gravity to take over and release them from their funnel-shaped prison.

I am hoping to get a user registration and login system built, which will allow me to have detailed and up-to-the-minute leaderboards, as well as open up the game to a lot more options in the future.

Enough talking, time to get to work...

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