Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Unity3D project is setup and ready to roll

So far things are coming together well. One of the first things I do when starting any new project, be it an app, game, or website, is to start with the main font. I find that a font, and the colors used in it, can set the tone for the projects look and feel very early on. Here's what I've come up with for Farmageddon.

It's not much, but it's a start, and right now that is all I need.

I have my project setup in Unity, connecting to my asset & cache server, and I've got my hierarchy setup in way that makes managing this project easy. Using Blender, I've created some very simple objects to stand as place holders.

As you can see from the screens, the cows will be orbiting the vortex of the tornado. The player will then drag across matching animals (currently we have plans for cow, chicken, pig & sheep), and matching three or more will lasso the animals down into a holding pen. The animals rescued add points to the players score, and players will be able to earn combos and bonuses depending on the length of their chain.

I'll be keeping these posts pretty short and to the point, so that's it for now. I'm hoping to have a proof-of-concept video of the gameplay ready in the next few days. For now, I need to get some work done for my client.

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