Friday, January 10, 2014

We're almost playable!

Not a whole lot new to post here today, but a few things are noteworthy. Work has been keeping me pretty busy, but I always find time to work on my own stuff when I can. Farmageddon is very close to being a playable proof-of-concept, and I am hoping to have some actual game-play video within the next week.

I have successfully converted the scripts that controlled my 2D jewel-match game to the 3D interface for Farmageddon. You can now drag to match "animals", and when you do points are added to your total score (the score is added, but not yet shown on screen). Animals are then replaced with other randomly created animals, and the game continues, as depicted in the video below:

The total score is being calculated by the game already, but I still need to work on the GUI in order to display it, which is one of the things I plan to tackle next.

Unfortunately, while playing the game for any extended period of time on my Windows 8.1 Tablet, things get a little dizzying. The solution may be to rotate the game automatically every X seconds, which adds a sense of urgency (since you will lose any animals still left on one side of the screen) as well as keeping the players focus on making chains, rather than having to worry about rotating the board as well.

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