Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Major Website Update

After spending quite a bit of time working on Farmageddon's in-game menu system, I decided that the website was overdue for an update. Up until now it has been a very basic layout with outdated background graphics that simply displayed blog posts one after the other. Updating/adding the blog posts on the site was all done manually as well, increasing my chances to make a mistake.

The resulting website took about a day and a half to complete, and I'm still working on adding a lot more content. The main update, other than the layout, is the use of an API to automatically pull blog posts from the Farmageddon Dev Blog. This is going to save me the time and frustration that updating the website used to create.

I'm currently working on the 'Contact' page, which will also include an option to join our newsletter. Once the contact page is complete, I will be working on the main landing page, which will become the default page once the game is in Alpha testing.

I should have the newsletter sign-up scripts finished shortly for anyone who wants to receive updates about the game.

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